Estimation of Stress-Strength Reliability for the Pareto Distribution Based on Upper Record Values


  • Rahmath Manzil Juvairiyya Farook College, Calicut University
  • Parameshwaranpillai Anilkumar Farook College, Calicut University



Stress-strength reliability, Record values, Pareto distribution, Maximum likelihood estimator, Bayes estimator


In this paper, the estimation of stress-strength reliability based on upper record values is considered when X and Y are independent random variables having a Pareto distribution with the same scale parameter and with different shape parameters. The maximum likelihood estimator (MLE), the approximate Bayes estimators and the exact confidence interval of the stress-strength reliability are obtained. A Monte Carlo simulation study is conducted to investigate the merits of the proposed methods. A real data analysis is presented for illustrative purpose.


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Juvairiyya, R. M., & Anilkumar, P. (2018). Estimation of Stress-Strength Reliability for the Pareto Distribution Based on Upper Record Values. Statistica, 78(4), 397–409.