A Three Parameter Generalized Lindley Distribution: Properties and Application


  • Nosakhare Ekhosuehi University of Benin
  • Festus Opone University of Benin




Lindley distribution, Power Lindley distribution, Hazard rate, Moments


In this paper, we introduced a new class of lifetime distribution and considered the mathematical properties of one of the sub models called a three parameter generalized Lindley distribution (TPGLD). The new class of distributions generalizes some of the Lindley family of distribution such as the power Lindley distribution, the Sushila distribution, the Lindley-Pareto distribution, the Lindley-half logistic distribution and the classical Lindley distribution. An application of the TPGLD to two real lifetime data sets reveals its superiority over the exponentiated power Lindley distribution, the exponentiated Lindley geometric distribution, the power Lindley distribution, the Lindley-exponential distribution and the classical one parameter Lindley distribution in modeling the lifetime data sets under study.


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