Inference Based on k-Record Values from Generalized Exponential Distribution


  • Manoj Chacko University of Kerala
  • Laji Muraleedharan University of Kerala



k-record values, Bayesian estimation, MCMC method, Prediction interval


In this paper, the lower k-record values arising from a two parameter generalized exponential distribution is considered. The maximum likelihood estimators for the shape parameter and scale parameter are obtained. The Bayes estimates of the parameters are also developed by using Markov chain Monte Carlo method under symmetric and asymmetric loss functions. Finally, a simulation study is performed to find the performance of different estimators developed in this paper.


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Chacko, M., & Muraleedharan, L. (2018). Inference Based on k-Record Values from Generalized Exponential Distribution. Statistica, 78(1), 37–56.