On a Generalized Lindley Distribution


  • Rasool Roozegar Yazd University
  • Saralees Nadarajah University of Manchester




Gamma Lindley distribution, Lindley distribution, Mathematical properties


Nedjar and Zeghdoudi (2016) studied various properties of a distribution which they claim to have introduced. Here, we point out that the distribution is a particular case of at least two known distributions. Most of the properties derived by Nedjar and Zeghdoudi are already known. We also point out that most of the results presented by Nedjar and Zeghdoudi are either incorrect or not useful.


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Roozegar, R., & Nadarajah, S. (2017). On a Generalized Lindley Distribution. Statistica, 77(2), 149–157. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.1973-2201/6836