Effect of optimum stratification on sampling with varying probabilities under proportional allocation

Syed Ejaz Husain Rizvi, Jaj P. Gupta, Manoj Bhargava


The problem of optimum stratification on an auxiliary variable when the units from different strata are selected with probability proportional to the value of auxiliary variable (PPSWR) was considered by Singh (1975) for univariate case. In this paper we have extended the same problem, for proportional allocation, when two variates are under study. A cum. 3 R3(x) rule for obtaining approximately optimum strata boundaries has been provided. It has been shown theoretically as well as empirically that the use of stratification has inverse effect on the relative efficiency of PPSWR as compared to unstratified PPSWR method when proportional method of allocation is envisaged. Further comparison showed that with increase in number of strata the stratified simple random sampling is equally efficient as PPSWR.

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-2201/68