An extended version of Kumaraswamy inverse Weibull distribution and its properties


  • C. Satheesh Kumar University of Kerala
  • Subha R. Nair HHMSPB NSS College for Women, Neeramankara, Trivandrum



Maximum likelihood estimation, Model selection, Moments, Order Statistics, Simulation


Here we consider an extended version of the Kumaraswamy modified inverse Weibull distribution and investigate some of its theoretical properties through deriving expressions for cumulative distribution function, reliability function, hazard rate function, quantile function, characteristic function, raw moments, median, mode etc. Certain reliability measures of the distribution are obtained along with the distribution and moments of its order statistics. The maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of the distribution is discussed and certain real life data applications are given for illustrating the usefulness of the model. Further, with the help of simulated data sets it is shown that the average bias and mean square errors of the maximum likelihood estimators are in decreasing order as the sample size increases.


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Kumar, C. S., & Nair, S. R. (2016). An extended version of Kumaraswamy inverse Weibull distribution and its properties. Statistica, 76(3), 249–272.