On Generalized Upper(k)Record Values From Weibull Distribution


  • Jerin Paul University of Kerala, Trivandrum
  • Poruthiyudian Yageen Thomas University of Kerala, Trivandrum




Best Linear Unbiased Estimation, Best Linear Unbiased Predictor, Characterization, Generalized upper(k)record values, Weibull Distribution


In this paper we study the generalized upper(k)record values arising from Weibull distribution. Expressions for the moments and product moments of those generalized upper(k)record values  are derived. Some properties of generalized upper(k)record values which characterize the Weibull distribution  have been established. Also some distributional properties of generalized upper(k)record values arising from Weibull distribution are considered and used for suggesting an estimator for the shape parameter of Weibull distribution. The location and scale parameters are estimated using the Best Linear Unbiased Estimation procedure. Prediction of a future record using Best Linear Unbiased Predictor has been studied. A real life data is used to illustrate the results generated in this work.


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