On a Generalisation of Uniform Distribution and its Properties


  • K. Jayakumar University of Calicut, Kerala
  • Kothamangalth Krishnan Sankaran University of Calicut, Kerala




Distribution of order statistics, Entropy, Marshall-Olkin family of distributions, Maximum likelihood, Random variate generation, Truncated negative binomial distribution


Nadarajah et al.(2013) introduced a family life time models using truncated negative binomial distribution and derived some properties of the family of distributions. It is a generalization of Marshall-Olkin family of distributions. In this paper, we introduce Generalized Uniform Distribution (GUD) using the approach of Nadarajah et al.(2013). The shape properties of density function and hazard function are discussed. The expression for moments, order statistics, entropies are obtained. Estimation procedure is also discussed.The GDU introduced here is a generalization of the Marshall-Olkin extended uniform distribution studied in Jose and Krishna(2011).


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Jayakumar, K., & Sankaran, K. K. (2016). On a Generalisation of Uniform Distribution and its Properties. Statistica, 76(1), 83–91. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.1973-2201/6090