On testing exponentiality against NBARFR life distribution

Mohamed Abdul Wahab Mahmoud, Nasser Anwer Abdul Alim


This paper considers testing exponentiality against new better than average renewal failure rate (NBARFR) alternatives. The percentiles of this test statistic are tabulated for simple sizes 5(1)50. Pitman's asymptotic efficiencies relative to the tests of the new better than used (NBU), new better than used failure rate (NBUFR) and new better than used renewal failure rate (NBURFR) (Amhmed, 1994; Hendi et al., 2000 and Mahmoud and Abdul Alim, 2002). The powers of this test are also calculated for some used life distributions. The problem when right-censored data is available is handled. Pratical applications of our tests in the medical sciences are present.

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DOI: 10.6092/issn.1973-2201/430