Le cas des migrations elitaires en Tunisie dans le cadre de la mobilite sud-sud


  • Michela C. Pellicani Università di Bari
  • Leonardo Palmisano Università di Bari




Tunisia is largely known as an emigration country; it is also known as a country of transit of the flows prevailingly directed towards the European Union; only a few, though, observe and analyse its new role - that adds up to the above-mentioned ones - as an immigration country within the dynamics of international mobility, also due to the growing educational and working opportunities that Tunisia is now offering. We could say this immigration is still at an embryonic stage, although it already shows the characteristics of a progressive sedentarisation. Within the facetted typologies of Tunisia-directed immigrants, the attention was focused on the University students coming from Central African countries, in order to pinpoint the dynamics of the (less studied than others) movements occurring along the South-to-South direction. The scantiness - if not absolute lack - of statistical data on this phenomenon led to the use of information obtained through an on-the-field survey.




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Pellicani, M. C., & Palmisano, L. (2002). Le cas des migrations elitaires en Tunisie dans le cadre de la mobilite sud-sud. Statistica, 62(3), 553–569. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.1973-2201/426