Integer valued autoregressive processes with generalized discrete Mittag-Leffler marginals


  • Kanichukattu K. Jose St. Thomas College, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam - Kerala
  • K. D. Mariyamma Arunapuram P.O., Kerala



In this paper we consider a generalization of discrete Mittag-Leffler distributions. We introduce and study the properties of a new distribution called geometric generalized discrete Mittag-Leffler distribution. Autoregressive processes with geometric generalized discrete Mittag-Leffler distributions are developed and studied. The distributions are further extended to develop a more general class of geometric generalized discrete semi-Mittag-Leffler distributions. The processes are extended to higher orders also. An application with respect to an empirical data on customer arrivals in a bank counter is also given. Various areas of potential applications like human resource development, insect growth, epidemic modeling, industrial risk modeling, insurance and actuaries, town planning etc are also discussed.


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Jose, K. K., & Mariyamma, K. D. (2012). Integer valued autoregressive processes with generalized discrete Mittag-Leffler marginals. Statistica, 72(2), 195–209.