On the Weibull record statistics and associated inferences


  • Mahdi Teimouri Gonbad Kavous University
  • Arjun K. Gupta Bowling Green State University, Ohio




On the basis of some characteristics such as quantile function and skewness coefficient of n th upper/lower record of a given absolutely continuous distribution, as well as a confidence interval for nth upper/lower record statistic of a two-parameter Weibull model, a point estimator for shape parameter of this family also is given. Furthermore, behavior of the skewness coefficient of nth upper/lower record statistic of this family is discussed. Tabulation of the confidence interval of the nth upper/lower record statistics of this family for some levels of confidence and parameters is useful for predicting the future nth
upper/lower record. The performance of the given shape estimator is measured through a simulated data set comparison with the maximum likelihood estimation. Also, skewness analysis of the nth upper/lower record statistic is useful for estimating the nth upper/lower record statistic of this family as it will be discussed.


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