Camilo Dagum


  • Italo Scardovi Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna



Camilo Dagum, one of the most prominent and noble person in the fields of Statistics and Economics died on November 5 2005 of an inescapable disease. He had just celebrated his 80th year birthday but still physically strong with great intellectual capacity for the multiple responsibilities called upon him by his prestige and fame. His scientific obligations forced him to travel all around the world, from one scientific meeting to another, in academy and university, where his contributions were always expected, admired, and discussed. During the years his work had become more intense and his projects were projected to a future where only bad luck would stop them. To read one of his pages, to discuss with him, was as to be facing a horizon of ideas and problems, of reality and propositions. Camilo Dagum had been a great mind with a great conscience; his way of living, recent and distant, is a demonstration of freedom of choice, dignity, and truth.


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Scardovi, I. (2006). Camilo Dagum. Statistica, 66(3), 231–233.