The estimate of clinical outcomes by Rasch analysis


  • Pietro Giorgio Lovaglio Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca



This study describes and analyses the optimal property that the proposed methods of latent variables estimation should have to guarantee the availability of objective perform-ance measures in the case of evaluation of institutional initiatives and/or of a set of agents that offer a public service (Hospitals, Schools, etc). In particular the Rasch model will be assessed and subsequently it will be applied to the objective measurement of the cognitive status dependency regarding a sample of elderly patients involved in a plan of Regione Lombardia, named Buono Socio Sanitario, consist-ing in an economic contribution to the families that decide to attend the not self-sufficient elderly in family, as an alternative to the shelter in Residences.


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Lovaglio, P. G. (2004). The estimate of clinical outcomes by Rasch analysis. Statistica, 64(1), 127–144.