Un approccio multivariato all'analisi statistica economica ambientale sull'inquinamento marino lucano


  • Giovanni Vannella Università degli Studi di Bari




In some paper whose aim is to detect the model of sustainable development, it is simple to note that the actual models present in the System of national Accounts (SEC, SNA), are not able to give the ecessary information about the relation between economy and environment. The main approaches in this field such as SEEA, NAMEA, SERIEE, SIP, still present problems as the difficulties to make a good classification, and to attribute the different types of pollution to the economic factor of pressure. This paper shows a statistical approach finalized to a partial solution of these problems. In particular, it is analysed an Italian region (Basilicata) with sufficient environmental statistical information about one kind of pollution. The aim is to make some statistic multivariate analyses of territorial typizations, of the variability of the observed phenomenon of different kinds of the pollution existing in the territory and finally, of the procedure to identify the economic variables of pressure. The results are encouraging in giving new possibilities to analyse pollution problem with a new approach (whereas in past, the dates were analysed only with the threshold value of the single monitored variables). This is useful both for the building up of integrate model of "economic and environmental National Accounts" and for the individualization of relations between economic and antropic activity and the respective environmental output.

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Vannella, G. (2001). Un approccio multivariato all’analisi statistica economica ambientale sull’inquinamento marino lucano. Statistica, 61(2), 335–345. https://doi.org/10.6092/issn.1973-2201/1182