The Zografos-Balakrishnan Lindley Distribution: Properties and Applications


  • Muhammed Rasheed Irshad Cochin University of Science and Technology
  • Veena D'cruz Cochin University of Science and Technology
  • Radhakumari Maya University of Kerala



Lindley distribution, Hazard rate function, Stress strength reliability, Moments, Quantile function, Maximum likelihood estimation, Simulation


The Lindley distribution was proposed in the context of Bayesian statistics as a counter example of fiducial statistics. In this paper, we propose Zografos Balakrishnan Lindley (ZBL) distribution in which Lindley distribution is a special case. Some properties of the new distribution is obtained such as moments, hazard rate function, reliability function etc. The parameters are estimated using the method of maximum likelihood. Finally an application of the proposed distribution to a real data set is illustrated and it is concluded that Zogarfos Balakrishnan Lindley (ZBL) distribution provides better fit than other classical distributions.


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Irshad, M. R., D’cruz, V., & Maya, R. (2021). The Zografos-Balakrishnan Lindley Distribution: Properties and Applications. Statistica, 81(1), 45–64.