Journal History

STATISTICA first appeared in 1931 as the Supplemento statistico ai nuovi problemi di Politica, storia ed Economia (Statistical Suplement to the New Problems of Politics, History and Economics) edited by the Universities of Bologna, Padua and Ferrara with the aim to emphasize the emerging role of Statistics in face of the evolution of social sciences. In the first Issue, the Editor, Paolo Fortunati wrote: “The Supplement to new problems means to represent the contribution of a group of scholars which want to be sensitive to the scientific and social changes of the present time and believe that quantitative methods be  the most coherent with the new theoretical  or not theoretical requirements. … From methodological statistics to applied statistics, an infinity of problems stir our days. … Furthermore it needs to give a suitable social view to these problems if we want  Statistics  arises to universal method”.

In 1941 the Supplement changed its name to STATISTICA and became a leading Journal for the Italian statisticians. Famous scholars collaborated to STATISTICA as members of Scientific Board or simply as authors of papers. Only a few references: Corrado Gini, Bruno De Finetti, Carlo E. Bonferroni, Marcel Fréchet, Samuel Kotz, Camilo Dagum, Estelle Bee Dagum, Italo Scardovi (Editor in Chief, 1981-2004). Since 2004 STATISTICA is directed by an Editorial Board.